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MOSER world of traditional costumes

MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau

If you are looking for traditional costume fashion, you will definitely find it at MOSER Trachtenwelt! We have a large selection of the latest trends in traditional costume.

Our traditional costumes are always modern and classic at the same time. It can be worn for any occasion as it is timeless and chic at the same time. In our MOSER Trachten Outlet you will find traditional costumes for women, men and children.


Exclusive traditional costume fashion for women, men and children at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau


Dirndl at MOSER Trachten

If you like wearing dirndls, you've come to the right place at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau. We offer more than 200 different styles for you. With a MOSER traditional dirndl from our range, you will be an eye-catcher at every traditional costume festival. Our lovingly crafted dresses are available in many sizes, designs and colors. Everyone will find what they are looking for in the MOSER world of traditional costumes: Discover the prettiest styles and many a bargain in our Trachten Outlet!


Lederhosen at MOSER Trachten

Of course, we also offer fashion for men at the Trachten Outlet. The classic leather trousers from MOSER Trachten are a must. We offer traditional leather pants in different styles, lengths and sizes. Our MOSER Trachten Outlet offers both plain and unusual lederhosen with delicate embroidery and appliqués. Discover the entire variety of lederhosen and find out which trousers suit you perfectly. We will be happy to advise you at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau!


Traditional jackets at MOSER Trachten

Complete your outfit and protect yourself from the cold in winter with MOSER traditional jackets! In our MOSER Trachten Outlet you will find a large selection of different traditional jackets. These are characterized by elegance, but also keep you warm and offer the best wearing comfort. You can buy our traditional jackets in classic colors and even with a practical hood at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau.


Traditional shirts at MOSER Trachten

Traditional shirts are an essential part of a traditional outfit! That's why we offer a large selection at MOSER Trachtenwelt. Choose long or short-sleeved traditional shirts in our Trachten Outlet that perfectly match your traditional costume with their famous checked look. They are available in many colors and sizes at reasonable prices at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau.

Ladies no longer only wear dirndls, but also traditional trousers. These can be combined with pretty traditional blouses. Our MOSER Trachten Outlet also offers a large selection here: Find blouses in different cuts and colors in modern variations. Of course, there are also traditional blouses with checks, flowers or Carmen sleeves.

All you have to do is choose your favorite to round off your traditional look perfectly!


Traditional costume accessories at MOSER Trachten

Of course, ladies can buy the matching accessories for dirndls and co. at our Trachten Outlet. At MOSER Trachtenwelt, we offer bags, belts and hats as well as scarves and shawls to make your outfit stand out. Our tip: Choose your traditional costume outfit first and then match the accessories to it!


Current traditional costume trends

Currently, the focus is on muted colors for dirndls, such as cream or beige. With a dirndl in these colors, you are perfectly dressed for the Oktoberfest. Another advantage is that dirndls in these colors are always up-to-date and timeless. To still stand out, simply choose a colorful apron or bright accessories from our range. At MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau, we will be happy to advise you on the latest traditional costume trends!


Tips and tricks for beginners in traditional costume

How do you find the right length for your dirndl? It's quite simple: choose a dirndl that you personally like. The length depends on the occasion: if it's a traditional occasion, you should choose a longer dirndl, for informal celebrations it can be shorter. We offer dirndls in all lengths in our Trachten Outlet, from mini or midi to maxi dirndls.

How are dirndls actually tied? Traditional models, which you can also buy at MOSER Trachten, have a dirndl chain or a dirndl ribbon on the bodice. These are tied in a zigzag shape. Always start at the top and then fasten the whole thing with a pin at the bottom. This is the simplest form and is also possible if the bodice hooks are open at the top, as you cannot lose the ribbon. Is your dirndl fitted with closed eyelets? Then you can also tie the bodice the other way round. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you at MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau!


MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau

A visit to the MOSER Trachtenwelt Hammerau is definitely worthwhile, because modern and timeless traditional costumes are offered here in high quality and at affordable prices!

MOSER attaches particular importance to competent and friendly specialist advice and excellent customer service: In-house tailoring and free parking right outside the door are just as much a matter of course at Moser as individual outfitting and service for clubs, companies, restaurants, musicians and other groups.

The MOSER Trachtenwelt team is looking forward to your visit!


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Frequently asked questions:

How much does a costume cost?

Pretty dirndls are available at prices starting at around 100 euros. Depending on the quality and complexity of production, however, a dirndl can also be more expensive. Then there are the costs for the blouse and accessories. Lederhosen start at a price of around 200 euros. Matching traditional shirts cost from 20 euros upwards. The traditional costume for men is completed with a traditional jacket. These are available from around 150 euros.


How do you wear a dirndl correctly?

The correct tying of the apron bow is crucial! If the bow is on the front right, this means that you are taken. If it is in the center front, it means you are a virgin. Left front means the lady is not taken. If the bow is tied in the middle at the back, the wearer is usually widowed.

Accessories should be used discreetly. You will also find a suitable selection in the MOSER world of traditional costumes. The accessories complement the complete outfit in an understated way. Because of course the dirndl is the center of attention! That's why your make-up shouldn't be too conspicuous to distract from it. At best, the color picks up on the tones of the dirndl.


Can you wear a dirndl without a blouse?

Originally, dirndls were rarely worn without a blouse. Nowadays, however, there are also more modern dirndl styles whose cut is designed to be worn without a blouse. With classic styles, however, a white blouse is simply a must! We offer you a large selection in our Trachten Outlet range.


On what occasion can I wear traditional Bavarian costume?

There are many different occasions when you can wear traditional costumes. In Bavaria and Austria, there is hardly a festive occasion where you can't wear traditional costume! Whether holidays, christenings, birthdays or weddings, our MOSER traditional costumes fit into any festive setting! Traditional costumes for men and women are also suitable for a visit to the beer garden. Our tip: opt for models with light fabrics in summer temperatures.

If traditional costumes are part of everyday life, they can also be worn at work and in your free time. One of the best-known occasions for wearing traditional costumes is the Oktoberfest in Munich. But traditional costumes are also increasingly the outfit of choice at all other folk festivals.

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